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During past few decades world did produce many great leaders, who became excellent CEOs of the businesses in diverse sectors. Most of the successful one’s had risen from the ground and rolled their sleeves at some point of their career to have in depth knowledge of the subjects they dealt in. However they also had an excellent over all business knowledge of their industry which helped them to take critical decisions for developing the right strategies for growth and diversification.

We have seen that most of the successful businesses have a great leader and CEO behind its success. The examples of Microsoft, Apple, GE, Infosys, Ford, Honda, Tata’s etc are good case in point to describe this situation.

With the advent of globalisation and opening up of new opportunities in every sector , lots of start ups are coming up all over the place on daily basis. At the same time, aging leadership of family businesses are increasingly handing over realm of running the companies to their kin.
In the senior executive job market there is certainly more demand but low supply on account of availability of right CEOs for a particular company matching the job requirements of a CEO.

We at Operations Excel do have expertise of coaching young and senior executive level talent to be the future Leaders of their companies in times to come. We have developed a unique process of CEO coaching which is proven, practical and gives a hands on exposure to any professional desiring to be a CEO.

Our process of Coaching Leaders to be future CEOs is based upon following topics:

Competency  assessment and gap analysis
Learning the art of getting into details
Mastering key skills  of Operations, Organization development
Developing relevant KPIs to keep an eye on over all company health
Developing business strategy and goals for long term and short term
Basics of Merger and Acquisitions and Funding
Growth and managing competition
Developing a succession plan for key positions
Building  of  Technology Road map

We offer tailor made CEO coaching solutions for both on and off campus mode.

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