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All businesses need to have a clear process of continuous waste eradication and improvement strategies in place to stay competitive and to meet future or current business challenges. In recent years having a proper operational excellence strategy followed by a long term implementation program has become a MUST for most of the companies operating in manufacturing, industrial, and retail or services sectors across geographies.

Operations Excel has a special passion for achieving enhanced business results by initiating change and implementing right programs as per client specific needs.

We carry out detailed ground study of current situation of a business to devise an overall operational excellence strategy as per situational assessment and strategic vision of the company.

Our core expertise of operational excellence are introducing and implementing following programs in the industry:

Lean Manufacturing based upon TPS methodology for elimination of waste
DMAIC tools based upon 6 sigma methodology for reducing process variability thus reducing defects and eliminating chronic business/operational problems
CI (Continues Innovation) to get 100% employee engagement in companywide innovation process
Kaizen methodology to improve processes and resolve day to day and routine business/operational issues
Should Cost or the minimum cost by which operations can be managed
Introducing relevant KPIs to monitor the results
Sustaining the change through advanced systems and onsite follow ups
Competency assessment, gap analysis and leadership pipe line development for middle and senior level personnel
We also carry out general and client specific trainings across the organizations in these areas

The scope of our work ranges from buy in at senior management level to organizing and supervising operational excellence projects at grass root level by working alongside client’s staff on the ground.

We believe in institutionalizing operational excellence methodology in your day to day working and leave the field for successors from your company to keep the flag high.