Operations Excel


Towards Excellence

Executive Placements (with specialization in Manufacturing Industry)

Search for talented people begins with a well-crafted recruitment strategy to attract individuals with the drive for success. It also requires proper assessment and selection methodologies, along with effective solutions to engage, develop and retain people.

Operations Excel provides talent sourcing solutions for senior leadership positions for manufacturing industry for Indian and overseas operations. We help clients achieve greater organizational performance by recruiting and engaging the best and brightest people for their businesses.

We at Operations Excel believe that given our core strength of understanding the client requirement in detail and finding the right match based upon our diverse experience and critical contacts in the industry would enable us to find the right match in perfect time to fulfill client needs through our unique recruitment methodology.

We also have a tie up with key partners overseas to use their candidate data base and other recruiting resources in finding the right match, which gives us a wider reach to match special geographic needs of our clients.

Operations Excel can be your one stop solution for the right talent search to match your growth plans.