Operations Excel


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Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Funding Support

Operations Excel provides services structured to assist and prepare our clients to achieve their M&A and funding objectives effectively and with high degree of confidentiality. We connect our clients with a niche network of investors and JV partners across the globe that are investing regularly and looking for the right deals of all sizes in key industrial and manufacturing sectors.


Developing Strategies on mergers, acquisition, and business exit or funding for companies.
Finding the right JV partner/investing partner for our clients.
Connecting with the investment partner for companies seeking early stage or growth funding.
Business Advisory for viability assessment, information memorandum and business plans.

Due Diligence (Operations and Technical):

While planning for acquisition or investment into any company the investor /parent company needs detailed technical and process information to have a clear understanding about technical strengths of the company being invested or partnered with. Failure to properly assess products, technologies and systems may lead to business failures, investment write offs, unsuccessful mergers, flawed deliverables, legal troubles and/or general frustration. Correct and accurate diligence can be carried by experienced persons in the field. Unlike financial numbers, technical diligence needs detailed analysis of capacities, technology and systems which can be better understood by persons familiar with such processes and subject matter.

Operational due diligence covering factory operations, Supply Chain function, Product quality, EHS status, equipment conditions and over all technical evaluation of the target company.
We have proven expertise in looking under the covers and determining the real value of underlying technology assets.
Cultural assessment, productivity, management experience and technical / commercial depth of target development staff who will play a critical role in determining your future success or failure.
Quality assurance capabilities and disaster/ recovery preparedness of the target company.

We bring the skills, experience, and depth of knowledge necessary to carry out such activities and above all our underlying values of integrity and ethics make us the right choice for our clients for all pre and post merger diligence activities.


We respect the strict confidentiality of all business information received and require all clients to sign a formal Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect their intellectual property. This NDA will be provided upon enquiry.
OE will only share client business plans with investors who have also signed a binding NDA.
We do not shop around for our clients’ needs but just connect them with the right partners.
When it comes to Strategic Business Partnerships just think of us.