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Operations Turnaround

Operations Turnaround is essentially revamping and improving overall manufacturing and supply chain operations based upon the issues faced by a company. This process is incomplete without getting over all costs and key financial KPIs under control. At Operations Excel we focus on these key elements of restructuring which are briefly described below.

Manufacturing Operations Restructuring:

Restructuring of manufacturing operations has a wide scope. It all depends upon what exactly a client would require. Operations Excel can offer complete restructuring solution for your manufacturing set ups, which includes below mentioned key projects:

Revival of sick or non performing business units by setting effective restructuring strategies and working alongside the promoters in turning around the business unit
Setting up Manufacturing Strategy based upon current situation and long term strategic business plan
Reviewing and setting up IR strategy for effective employee relations
Leadership competency assessment and talent pipe line development
Reviewing and re-structuring organization structure based upon strategic business plan

Over All Cost Reduction:

Product cost reduction is always a major focus for any plant manager. Also, one always needs to keep product cost to a minimum to stay in the market and generate enough money to invest in new technology and brand building. We do not just provide a report on cost reduction but implement the actions on the floor along with your team to achieve the committed cost targets during our engagement.

Some of the key cost reduction initiatives we undertake are in following areas:

Material Cost
Scrap and rework Cost
Maintenance and MRO
Process Waste Reduction
Energy and Utilities Cost
Total Fixed and Variable Cost

Supply Chain Optimization:

Healthy Supply Chain is often described as the backbone of any industry. Having right supply chain processes and resources is key to improve bottom line of any business. At Operations Excel we offer complete, end to end solutions to achieve Supply Chain rationalization objectives. Some of our key service areas are as follows:

Supplier assessment and qualification
Strategic Sourcing
Supplier Quality Improvement
Non Moving inventory reduction
Over all Inventory reduction
Material movement and warehouse management
Setting up fully IT enabled Supply Chain Process
Setting up Procurement Policy and Procedures
Strengthening leakages and fraud avoidance
Production Micro Planning & Pull System of Manufacturing